Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another bird, another dollar

We just adopted a lost cockatiel that was found along the American River; and I thought I was done with that stage of my life. Like getting rid of baby cribs, toys, etc., I had given away my cockatiel cage and other bird paraphernalia years ago. (We still have one foster budgerigar, but he is not going to share his cage with a noisy cockatiel).

So I found a decent cage at the Bird Shop and rather than pay to get a perch, we were going to find some manzanita to make a good perch. Well, manzanita doesn't grow in the Sacramento area, so fortunately I looked online before I cut off a branch of one of my fruit trees for a perch and killed the poor orphan bird. According to the Cockatiel Cottage, there are trees that can poison a cockatiel, many of them belonging to the prunus species, including apricot, peach and plum. Back to the Bird Shop for perches, food, etc. At least this time I didn't fall into the trap of buying bird toys. Cockatiels would rather play with humans and things than toys. Our long deceased cockatiel would always chew on the most expensive Magik trading card and the oak antique furniture. Birds have an uncanny sense of knowing how to get your attention when they want it (maybe birds were children in a former life).

It didn't take long for Louie, to adapt to(I should really say train) us. The first night in our home, he really started to talk and whistle and sing and peck on his cage when I put him into the cage for bed time. He still tries it every night at bedtime, but I am being firm and the talking ceases after 15 minutes (didn't we go through this with the kids, too?). Ah well, it's a new adventure, and at least it got me to post something for the birds instead of Facebook.